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New York Custom closets specialists: Customized closet systems organizers - Design and Installation
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Pull-out Mirror for Walk-in
This beautiful full length patent
pending mirror installs in a space
just over 3” wide. It features a soft-
open, soft-close slide system,
reversible mounting, a sleek
design, comfortable handle and
adjustable 60 degree pivot.
Custom closet solution. Walk-In Closet -
Reach-In Closet - Kids Room - Play Room.
Closet Storage Solutions. New York, NYC,
Manhattan, Brooklyn, NY.
Space saver Under Cabinets
Cabinet design
cabinets organizers
Fold Away Ironing Board
Custom closet brooklyn
Inspiration closets
You will love your Smart Closets,
they have a place for everything!
Laundry Basket with door
Pull-out Basket with Cloth
Hamper with door in
Our goal is to bring order to
your life at  an affordable price.
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All sizes
Pull-Out Wire Baskets
All Finishes
Pants Rack
Pull-Out Pants
Closet gadgets
We provide the same high quality product
and better as our leading competitor at an
up to 20% LESS COST TO YOU.
Pull-Out Valet Rod
Pull-Out Tie Rack
Achieving Organization with Creativity
Keep your Jewelry organized with a jewelry
drawer and inserts
Chrome Lazy Suzan
Why wait? Contact us today and start enjoying
the benefits a custom closet can bring to your life.
We offer the shortest turn-around times in the
closet design industry.
Shoe Fence
Custom closets - Closet Interior specialists - Smart Closet Solution Inc, A Closet Company

Shift away from the days of clutter by investing in beautiful crafted custom designed closets for reach-in, walk-in or kids' room
organizer, for your garage, home office or pantry. Let us be part of your project.
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Smart Closet Solutions
"Closet is our Middle name"
Closets Design & Installation in NYC & Brooklyn
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