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bedroom closets with slanted shoe shelves. Melamine closet can be floor system or wall hang closet system with  valet rod,  belt rack and tie rack - A customized closet with jewelry insert for drawers.
You cannot "shop" in your closet if you cannot see
and access things easily.

I've heard many women and men saying "I'm late to work almost every
morning because I can never find clothes to wear". If your closet is an
avalanche of misplaced shoes, umbrellas, magazines and miscellaneous items,
then we have the solution for you. It’s easy to get caught up in the illusion
that with a full closet, we have a wardrobe that is brimming with
possibilities. However, most closets are stuffed with items that you don’t
need, should not be wearing, or don’t even get around to wearing. The
objective is to create a wardrobe that is fluid and consists of pieces that
are easy to combine. This does not just refer to clothing, but to shoes and
accessories as well. Most of us are not blessed with lavish walk in wardrobes
and have to make do with the cupboards we have. Not to worry – there are
storage solutions for everything! –
You cannot shop in your closet if you cannot see and access things easily.
This goes for underwear, socks, shoes, belts, hats, scarves, gloves and
handbags as well.

The most important aspect to create in your closet is
Re-evaluate your existing wardrobe

Beside the fact that you need organization in your closets, you should be putting back only clothes
you know you will wear into the new closets. You’ll need to re-evaluate your existing wardrobe one
piece at a time. Sort your clothing, shoes, and accessories with one thing in mind: If you haven't
worn something in the past year, you probably don't need it - it may be because it outdated, don't fit
or worn out. Throw it away or donate it.
Once you've gone through you wardrobe and eliminated these clothes,  you'll be looking at what needs to fit into your closet.
Ultimately every stitch in your wardrobe should be flattering to your body and suit your lifestyle.

    With our system installed it should be very easy to stay neat and tidy!
The Kid’s Room....

Let's face it, messy adults are looked down upon as disorderly, dirty and not smart.
That is obviously not so in many cases, but why set your child up with the chips stacked against him?
Do the right thing as a parent and show the kiddos NOW, while it's still easy, how to keep their stuff
organized. If we were to actually add up the minutes we look for things on a daily basis, it would
amount to something like 10 years of our life or something to that effect!
"Clean your room!" It's the battle cry of millions of parents.

As long as you have ample storage space for your child, there is no excuse for a mess BUT Get down
to your child's eye level to help him or her get organized. Look at your child's space, storage, furniture
and possessions from his or her vantage point. The view may surprise you!
    Adult organizing systems don't translate well to children's needs. Sticky dresser
    drawers are hard for small hands to manage. Folding closet doors pinch fingers
    and jump their rails when pushed from the bottom. Closet hanging rods are out of
    reach, while adult hangers don't fit smaller clothing.
    If your children can't reach the storage system, they can't use it. Traditional toy
    boxes house a tangled jumble of mixed and scattered toy parts. Partner with your
    child, you stand a better chance of devising an organization system that makes
    sense to him or her. If they're involved in the effort, children are better able to
    understand the organizational logic and maintain the new, organized room.
To organize a child's room, solutions
must fit the child.
Smart Closet Solution is a great choice for organizing Reach-in Closets, Walk-in Closets and Kids play room,
Entertainment centers, Bookcases, Pantries, Garage, Laundry room, Home office, even turn a closet into an office is
easily done and so much more. Inspirations are endless.

For poorly designed walk-in closets that waste precious space, or impractical kids' closets with shelving kids can't
Smart Closet Solution will transform the closets in your home by designing a system to enhance and expand
your existing space to create functional space for all your belongings
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New York City. NYC. Manhattan custom design closet system, built-in closets, custom made
You will love your Smart Closet,
An organized closet system that has a place for everything!   
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