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Make the most of your closet space with customized closet organizers. Closet organization: organizing your closet is easy and affordable with our custom closet organization systems.
Great for walk-in closets or bedroom closets organization.
Maximizing your storage capacity as much as doubling the amount of usable storage space!

A walk-in or bedroom custom closet that you will love!
Specifically designed around Your needs & style.

Everyone needs more closet space, but getting organized is hard, especially when your current closets are overflowing
with decades-old debris or your current closet space is limited as most Manhattan apartments. That’s why we are
custom closet organizers and we will send you our designer to inspire and motivate you. He will walk you through the
entire process for a smart closet make-over, then will guide you to the most appropriate configuration, a smart closet
design to
maximize your closet space and offer you a variety of materials to match your current decor, gadgets to make
your life easier while taking into consideration your budget..

Our installs take one day and we’ll never make a mess for you to clean up. We leave your home as clean as we found it
and you’ll be able to immediately put your clothes away after installation. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your
new system and the quality of our workmanship. Your closet is
under warranty as long as you own your home!

Don't delay....
Call us now or fill out the form at any time and we will custom design a storage solution just for you
including an expert installation of your new closet system. We offer Free in Home Consultations!
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Customized Closets Backed with a lifetime Guarantee

Installed in a Day - Enjoyed for a Lifetime..
New York Custom closets specialists
Closet systems organizers - Design and Installation
Our goal is to bring order to your life with an
organized closet system at an affordable price
Request a free in-home consultation
Because we produce our own closets
systems, we can better control our
cost and our quality.

No middle man is what makes our
systems affordable for everyone since
those cost savings are passed along
to you, our customers.
Serving the New York City area for over 20 years. Smart Closet Solution has strived for years to create an impeccable reputation, synonymous with high-quality custom closets. We are well-known in the industry and we take pride in being a pioneer in this field.
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As new products And techniques are developed, you can count on Smart Closet Solutions to bring them directly to you
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